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AWS Elastic MapReduce Add Instance Groups

Adds one or more instance groups to a running cluster.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Add Job Flow Steps

AddJobFlowSteps adds new steps to a running job flow.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Add Tags

Adds tags to an Amazon EMR resource.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Cancel Steps

Cancels a pending step or steps in a running cluster.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Create Security Configuration

Creates a security configuration, which is stored in the service and can be specified when a cluster is created.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Delete Security Configuration

Deletes a security configuration.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Describe Cluster

Provides cluster-level details including status, hardware and software configuration, VPC settings, and so on.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Describe Job Flows

This API is deprecated and will eventually be removed.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Describe Security Configuration

Provides the details of a security configuration by returning the configuration JSON.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Describe Step

Provides more detail about the cluster step.

AWS Elastic MapReduce List Bootstrap Actions

Provides information about the bootstrap actions associated with a cluster.

AWS Elastic MapReduce List Clusters

Provides the status of all clusters visible to this AWS account.

AWS Elastic MapReduce List Instance Groups

Provides all available details about the instance groups in a cluster.

AWS Elastic MapReduce List Instances

Provides information about the cluster instances that Amazon EMR provisions on behalf of a user when it creates the cluster.

AWS Elastic MapReduce List Security Configurations

Lists all the security configurations visible to this account, providing their creation dates and times, and their names.

AWS Elastic MapReduce List Steps

Provides a list of steps for the cluster in reverse order unless you specify stepIds with the request.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Modify Instance Groups

ModifyInstanceGroups modifies the number of nodes and configuration settings of an instance group.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Put Auto Scaling Policy

Creates or updates an automatic scaling policy for a core instance group or task instance group in an Amazon EMR cluster.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Remove Auto Scaling Policy

Removes an automatic scaling policy from a specified instance group within an EMR cluster.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Remove Tags

Removes tags from an Amazon EMR resource.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Run Job Flow

RunJobFlow creates and starts running a new job flow.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Set Termination Protection

SetTerminationProtection locks a job flow so the EC2 instances in the cluster cannot be terminated by user intervention, an API call, or in the event of a job-flow error.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Set Visible To All Users

Sets whether all AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users under your account can access the specified job flows.

AWS Elastic MapReduce Terminate Job Flows

TerminateJobFlows shuts a list of job flows down.

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